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A Simple Guide to Which Floss is Right for You

From the time a person is very young, regular visits to the dentist reveal that flossing helps prevent gum disease and tooth loss. There are so many types of dental floss on the market that it’s hard to know what type

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Did You Know Broccoli Can Whiten Your Teeth?

If you’re looking for foods that naturally whiten teeth, there are plenty of choices from which you can choose. One of the healthiest and most effective of these is broccoli. This super healthy food can be eaten in a variety

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Summertime Treats that May Damage Teeth!

Summer is here, and soon many people will be having picnics on the beach, barbecues in their back garden, and Sunday brunches with friends and family. Some summer snacks can be really damaging to your teeth, so we’ve put together

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Sweet Toothpaste Flavors

Maintaining good dental health when you’ve got a sweet tooth can really seem like a chore. You go to your dentist, and BAM! you’re in danger of getting a cavity. Maybe even more than one. But you brush night and

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The Dental Health Diet – Foods for Healthy Gums

Keep Your Mouth Healthy with These Foods Hello Williamsville residents! As you know, Drs. Kevin and Monie Clauser and Williamsville Family Dentistry are committed to helping you maintain the best oral health and we’ve got some tips for you. It is common

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