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Sweet Toothpaste Flavors

Maintaining good dental health when you’ve got a sweet tooth can really seem like a chore. You go to your dentist, and BAM! you’re in danger of getting a cavity. Maybe even more than one. But you brush night and

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How to Deal with Dry Mouth

Have you ever considered that you may one day have dry mouth? Well as it turns out, 1 in 10 Americans take at least three prescription drugs per day, and dry mouth is among the most common side effects of

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Tips from your Hygienist – Defeating Halitosis For Good

Everybody knows that morning breath, or halitosis, is particularly awful. Maybe your spouse, partner, or some other member of your family has informed you that your mouth is toxic in the AM. It is likely that you have noticed it

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Are Your Prescriptions Causing Dry Mouth? Dry Mouth Treatment Available!

If you have started taking a new medication recently, chances are your doctor told you that a side-effect would be dry mouth. This side-effect is common with many prescriptions, and it now affects nearly half of everyone over the age

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Fix That Stinky Breath!

Does your breath stink? Are you afraid it does? An oral hygiene routine is always the best option, but if it’s not possible or practical to brush and floss your teeth, you still have a number of options available, including

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