Teeth Whitening

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Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want a younger, healthier looking smile, our professional teeth whitening options give you the flexibility to find a treatment that suits your needs and your budget.

We offer three options for teeth whitening. Our goal is to provide you with a whiter, healthier smile at a rate you can afford. In some circumstances, we may recommend a particular treatment that will meet your needs. Stains from tobacco use and certain medications often require our stronger whitening solution, or even dental veneers. Let us know what your goals are and we’ll let you know what you can expect along the way!

Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

1. Custom Whitening Trays

Our custom whitening trays can be fitted in just one visit to our office! We’ll take an impression of your mouth, then make a tray to fit, that way your teeth get as much contact as possible with the whitening solution. Just take the whitening trays home and use them as directed.

2. One-Size Whitening Trays

If you’re looking for a quick, budget-friendly teeth whitening treatment to lighten your pearly whites a few shades, we carry one-size whitening trays that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

3. One-Visit Professional Whitening

For teeth that sparkle, we offer one-visit professional whitening. Your teeth will get maximum coverage with our whitening agent, and we’re safely able to use a stronger solution than most take-home whitening kits.

The Benefits of a Whiter Smile

Since we offer professional teeth whitening services for all smiles and budgets, there’s nothing standing between you and a brighter, healthier smile! Teeth whitening can result in a more confident you. It is also the very first things than many people will notice about you. So, let’s go for that extra wow factor for your next job interview or first date with a memorable smile.

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