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What Should I Eat After Oral Surgery?

As you recover from oral surgery, it is important to take it easy. This means getting plenty of rest, giving your body a chance to recover, and consuming soft, easy-to-eat foods. Often, our patients want to know what they can

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What Is Dental Mineralization?

Whether it’s from the food you eat, the beverages you consume, or your environment, your body is constantly fighting off attacks on the health of your teeth. Your enamel, the protective material that covers the surface of your teeth, is

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Organic Toothpaste vs. Regular Toothpaste

At Williamsville Family Dentistry, we believe it’s important for you to be mindful and informed about the products your family uses. From food to household cleaners to toothpaste, an organic option will often offer the same benefits without any potentially

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Should I Be Using an Electric Toothbrush?

When shopping for a toothbrush, are you better off reaching for an electric one? There are pros and cons to using an electric toothbrush as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Pro: More Brush Strokes Per Minute While regular

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Healthy Holiday Food

During the holidays, it can be tough to find food that isn’t chock full of sugar, or will make your teeth ache and your waistline expand. But it’s still the holidays, and you want to be able to enjoy your

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