What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Tooth pain or damage can be a scary thing, especially when it comes on suddenly and for no reason. While we set aside time in our daily schedule to tend to dental emergencies, there are a few things you can do at home to help make your emergency dental care easier on everyone, yourself included.

what to do in a dental emergency

For a Cut or Bitten Lip

Apply wrapped ice to the bruised area. If the area is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. If the bleeding cannot be controlled by pressure or continues for more than 15 minutes, go to your nearest emergency room or urgent care center.

For a Toothache or Sore Gums

Clean the sore area with warm water, and remove any loose debris or food by gently flossing. You can take an over-the-counter pain killer, but do not apply it directly to gums because this can cause a chemical burn. If the area is swollen, apply a cold compress for 15 minutes. If the pain persists, call our office and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

For Cold Sores

Cold sores are highly contagious; do NOT scratch the sore. Treat immediately with Valtrax or a similar medication. When treated early, their growth can be prevented. Otherwise, the sores will heal on their own in about two weeks.

For a Broken Tooth

Rinse any dirt or debris away from the injured area using warm water. If the area is swollen, apply a cold compress for 15 minutes. Find and save any pieces of the tooth that you can, and call us immediately for an emergency appointment!

For a Knocked-out Permanent Tooth

If you can locate the tooth, carefully pick it up, being sure to avoid touching the root surface. Rinse the tooth gently – do NOT scrub it or remove any tissue. If possible, gently reinsert the tooth into its socket. Hold the tooth in place by biting down on a clean cloth or piece of gauze. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, place it in a cup of milk or saltwater (1 tsp to 1 cup) and bring it to our office. This will help keep the tooth’s root alive until you see us. Call our office immediately; it’s best if you can see the dentist within an hour.

For a Possible Broken Jaw

Try to immobilize the jaw by wrapping a towel, tie, or handkerchief around your head. Go immediately to your nearest emergency room or urgent care center!

Dr. Clauser does his best to treat dental emergencies as soon as possible. The sooner you see a dentist, the sooner he can help with your pain and the more likely he’ll be able to save your tooth. Call your emergency dentist at Williamsville Family Dentistry if you experience tooth pain or a dental trauma.

Call Us!If you need urgent dental care, don’t delay and call us immediately!

We make sure each and every one of our clients’ needs and concerns are addressed in a caring and thoughtful manner. We want your experience to be as enjoyable and efficient as possible here at Williamsville Family Dentistry in Williamsville, NY.

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