Five Things You Didn’t Know Could Stain Your Teeth

5 Things, Stain TeethYou might be surprised to learn about these five things that could stain your teeth and the teeth of anyone in Williamsville, NY. Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, it’s still important to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth every day and the effects it could have on your teeth.

The best way to both protect your teeth from future stains and to safely remove any stains you have, is to come in to Williamsville Family Dentistry for your regular appointments. This helps us catch any issues before they become big problems, and to fix them as soon as possible!

1)  Sports Drinks

What may seem like a healthy alternative to soda or energy drinks often really contains an acidic pH level that leads to tooth erosion. They also, like many other drinks, have unhealthy amounts of sugar. The best thing to do is drink it relatively quickly instead of slowly sipping it and exposing your teeth even longer to the chemicals.

2) Pepto-Bismol

This pink stomach medicine can sometimes have a strange side effect of turning both your tongue and the surface of your teeth black. The weird reaction comes from a chemical compound that changes color if exposed directly to the tongue, instead of with water. If this happens to you, don’t panic! It can be avoided or fixed by simply brushing your teeth or, for serious incidents, getting a cleaning from Dr. Clauser.

3) Over-whitening

Some scientists are still debating this phenomenon, but many feel that the harsh chemicals can thin out your enamel and cause your teeth to become more porous, which actually makes them look dingier. Even if this claim turns out to be false, no one likes glow-in-the-dark teeth, so practice moderation and get a consultation with Dr. Clauser if you’re not sure.

4)  Cranberry Juice

This and other dark-colored juices contain a lot of pigment which can stain and yellow teeth. They also have a lot of sugar to sweeten its naturally bitter taste, and that is never good for teeth. Try drinking out of a straw, following it up with water, or switching to white cranberry juice.

5)  White Wine

Although everyone knows that red wine can stain your teeth, new studies show that white wine can actually do more damage. The chemicals can strip away your enamel and darken your teeth, especially if followed by other staining things like coffee or tea. Avoid brushing your damaged teeth for 20-30 minutes after drinking wine; just swish with water. If you think you may have tooth damage from white wine, schedule a consultation with Dr. Clauser to check.

We make sure each and every one of our clients’ needs and concerns are addressed in a caring and thoughtful manner. We want your experience to be as enjoyable and efficient as possible here at Williamsville Family Dentistry in Williamsville, NY.

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